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Baking with History

Asia Pastry

When the Chinese settled in Thailand, they brought their cultures here, including Chinese Pastry. It has  been used in several festivals as an auspicious pastry, presenting a goodwill delivered from providers to recipients. It is also called the “Pastry of Unity and Happiness” because the festivals, in which the pastry are used, draw  family members together.


Asia Pastry” is a small family business established in 1964 by Mr. Songseng Saengow. He baked the pastry and ran this business for the whole of his life. After his passing, his son – Mr. Phaisan Ngaowanlapho – and family have carried on the business, locating the first shop at Tha Din Daeng. From then on, “Asia Pastry” at Tha Din Daeng has been widely known.


Traditional festivals play a key role in Chinese, even Thai-Chinese, people’s life thanks to their instilling culture. They have been told and practiced from generation to generation, making them realise significance and precise way to conduct each festival. Sticking to the custom, younger generation are always willing to commit themselves in carrying on the tradition.


The “Asia Pastry” shop is now located at 140-142 Tha Din Daeng Soi 10, Khlong Sarn, Bangkok. Our signature “Asia Pastry” and “Banana cake” are main products. Besides, seasonal products – like pork floss, grilled slice pork, or Chinese pork sausage – are sometimes on shelf. Anyway, high quality products with flavorful taste are guaranteed.