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The Taste of History

The authentic Asian flavor has been passed through generations for 50 years.
Crispness, tempting smell and mellow taste
have composed the identity of “Asia Pastry” indulging all customers .
And we promise to keep delivering this impressive pastry experience to our valued customers.

Pastry of Unity and Happiness

A variety of after-meal bakery products, mostly sweet and rich, was inventively baked by the Chinese since a long time ago. Among, Chinese Pastry, also known Khanom-Pia, has gained much favour and been used in several festivals – as an auspicious pastry. It implies a goodwill delivered from providers to recipients. Therefore, it has been called the “Pastry of Unity and Happiness”


Asia Pastry

With 50-year experience, we ensure our “Asia Pastry” is like no other. We pay much attention to details and processes – from selecting ingredients to placing them on shelf. Besides unique tasty flavor, our products are always fresh as we bake them daily. So our pastry is baked with history and care.


Banana Cake

Our banana cake presents soft texture and tender taste. Absolutely, its ingredients are carefully selected and the cake is freshly baked every day. Two flavors are available: classic and chocolate chip.


Why's Asia Pastry?

Daily Baked

We ensure fresh-baked products as they are made daily, without adding preservatives.

Select Ingredients

We carefully select ingredients and make a weekly order for the best and fresh production.

Unique Flavor

We create the unique tasty flavor for each product to guarantee customer satisfaction.

How to purchase?

You are invited to our shop
during our operating hours:

Mondays – Saturdays:  8:00 am – 6:30 pm
1st and 3rd Sundays:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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We offer delivery service – via phone call -in Bangkok and neighbourhoods,
without any minimum quality order.

Call +662 437 4164

You also can order by delivery application Lineman and Robinhoods

Thanks for your support..

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